Web Design - Meghan Elizabeth Photography

Meghan Elizabeth Photography

Meghan Elizabeth Photography is as a newborn and family photography studio in Minneapolis, MN. With some of the best SEO for her target keywords, Meghan needed a redesign that fit with her popularity. Virtual Monk redesigned to include a new custom video background, a...

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Web Design - Dakota Wicohan

Dakota Wicohan

Dakota Wicohan is a non-profit organization in Minnesota that works to preserve the Dakota Language and continue its usage among future generations. Virtual Monk won an RFP bid to create a clean, beautiful website at that contains a complete course curriculum. Students and teachers...

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Logo Design and Branding Door To Bon

Door To Bon

The Door to Bon was Virtual Monk’s first venture into Learning Management Systems (LMS). The course system on was designed to give a Bon monk a platform to teach meditation and related activities to students all over the world. The site was a huge...

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Web Design - Kavella Natural Hair Care

Kavella Natural Hair Care

Kavella is a vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free nontoxic hair care manufacturer from California. They focus on manufacturing the safest, most natural hair products they can, while still creating products that make hair beautiful. Virtual Monk designed this e-commerce site to be clean and trendy, while appealing...

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Web Design - Loch Kelly Nondual Meditation

Loch Kelly

Loch Kelly is a New York based psychotherapist and meditation teacher that teaches non-dual meditation. Using Loch’s defined aesthetic, Minneapolis web designers Virtual Monk created a highly functional website featuring an e-commerce store that sells digital downloads of his lectures, a multi-view event calendar, and...

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Web Design - Onesta Hair Care

Onesta Hair Care

Onesta Hair Care is a Minnesota-based manufacturer of organic hair care products. Virtual Monk designed a website that reflects their progressive, sustainable values. features an interactive salon finder, animated text, two header videos, parallax imagery, professional copywriting and a beautiful, functional, customized E-commerce cart...

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Web Design - Sniper Treestands

Sniper Treestands

Sniper Treestands is a Minnesota-based tree stand manufacturer focusing on the creation of simple, solid and affordable tree stands, tripods, quadpods and related products. Virtual Monk designed to reflect their established branding, while bringing the site up to contemporary standards. While the stands themselves...

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Web Design - Hunt Comfort

Hunt Comfort

Hunt Comfort is the industry leader in developing comfortable seating pads for hunters. When they were acquired by a larger company, Hunt Comfort’s new leaders approached Virtual Monk for the's redesign. A simple, but beautiful e-commerce site, effectively conveys its brand to potential...

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E-Commerce Web Design X-Stand Treestands

X-Stand Treestands

X-Stand is a tree stand manufacturer in Minnesota that focuses on building the safest and most innovative tree stands in the industry. With the help of Virtual Monk’s design on the website, the company has grown massively, getting into many new stores and becoming...

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Website Content Writing Mindful Arts Institute

Mindful Arts Institute

Mindful Arts Institute is an online school for learning various forms of meditation and other mind-based wisdom and skills. Everything from the’s initial branding to its e-commerce web design, various animated videos, and Learning Management System design customization was done by Virtual Monk. We...

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