Web Design - Sniper Treestands

Sniper Treestands

Sniper Treestands is a Minnesota-based tree stand manufacturer focusing on the creation of simple, solid and affordable tree stands, tripods, quadpods and related products. Virtual Monk designed to reflect their established branding, while bringing the site up to contemporary standards. While the stands themselves...

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Web Design - Hunt Comfort

Hunt Comfort

Hunt Comfort is the industry leader in developing comfortable seating pads for hunters. When they were acquired by a larger company, Hunt Comfort’s new leaders approached Virtual Monk for the's redesign. A simple, but beautiful e-commerce site, effectively conveys its brand to potential...

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E-Commerce Web Design X-Stand Treestands

X-Stand Treestands

X-Stand is a tree stand manufacturer in Minnesota that focuses on building the safest and most innovative tree stands in the industry. With the help of Virtual Monk’s design on the website, the company has grown massively, getting into many new stores and becoming...

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Web Design - Rambo Bikes

Rambo Bikes

Rambo Bikes is a fat-tire motor bike manufacturer focusing on getting hunters into the woods. They wanted an amazing site for their product launch, so naturally they came to Virtual Monk. So much got incorporated into this e-commerce website (, from beautiful custom sales pages,...

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