Web Design - revWorks


reVworks is a new sales and business development company in Minneapolis. With the owners having worked with Virtual Monk on two separate projects in the past, we were approached again to begin design on The design needed to be simple, but clean and effective...

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Web Design - Walter Eye Clinic

Walter Eye Clinic

Walter Eye Clinic is an established, respected eye care clinic in the suburbs of Chicago. Virtual Monk gave a complete design overhaul, using their prominent branding as a smarting point. The site includes clean, responsive layouts, several interactive features, subtle animations and parallax backgrounds....

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Web Design - Stars in your eyes optometry

Stars in your eyes

Stars in your Eyes is a beloved eye care clinic with two locations in Austin, TX. Virtual Monk gave a complete design overhaul, using their branding and focusing on black, white and gold. The site includes clean lines, responsive layouts, several interactive features, and...

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Web Design - Meghan Elizabeth Photography

Meghan Elizabeth Photography

Meghan Elizabeth Photography is as a newborn and family photography studio in Minneapolis, MN. With some of the best SEO for her target keywords, Meghan needed a redesign that fit with her popularity. Virtual Monk redesigned to include a new custom video background, a...

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Web Design - Dakota Wicohan

Dakota Wicohan

Dakota Wicohan is a non-profit organization in Minnesota that works to preserve the Dakota Language and continue its usage among future generations. Virtual Monk won an RFP bid to create a clean, beautiful website at that contains a complete course curriculum. Students and teachers...

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Website Quick Steps Precast Concrete

Quick Steps

Quick Steps is a company with a simple, unique idea: create small, concrete staircases from molds that can be quickly and easily installed at homes and business. Quick Steps needed a redesign that displayed their before and after photos and gave them a contemporary look...

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Website Wieser Vault

Wieser Vault

Wieser Vault is a Minnesota-based burial vault supplier with deep ties to the concrete industry. They supply full sized vaults, urn vaults and other urn and cremation products. features a clean, classy design, subtle animations, and an algorithm-based order form. Wieser Vault also support...

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Logo Design Juncture Media

Juncture Media

Juncture Media is an Intellectual Property company that is currently focusing on the creation of video game content. They needed a simple but unique stamp that reflected their brand values. Virtual Monk designed the logo with simplicity and movement to it, with fonts and colors...

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Website Door To Bon Minneapolis

Door To Bon

The Door to Bon was Virtual Monk’s first venture into Learning Management Systems (LMS). The course system on was designed to give a Bon monk a platform to teach meditation and related activities to students all over the world. The site was a huge...

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Website Peteler Law Minneapolis

Peteler Law Office

A Minnesota and California based entrepreneurial lawyer, David Peteler needed a new website that effectively conveyed his impressive experience and business prowess. is clean, buttoned-up website that includes an ongoing blog of David’s entrepreneurial wisdom. [no_button size="large" icon_pack="" target="_blank" font_weight="" text="Launch Website" link=""]...

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